Troy is a good person, but a terrible movie

Mar 30
“Despite the popularity of colorful hair in the mainstream, in my observation, black women and girls who are not Nikki Minaj are judged negatively for adopting colorful hair—even when it is more conservatively styled than the examples above. Rainbow hair on a black woman provokes a whole lot of judgments about class and education, even among other black people. Meanwhile, a bright blue streak in a white woman’s hair is accepted differently, I think.

I have a 40-something white female friend who sometimes adds a streak of hot pink or blue to her trendy hairstyles. It is accepted as a marker of her bohemian, hipster, Etsy lifestyle. I suspect, though, that I do not have the latitude to do such a thing (Though I’m personally not a fan of the look, anyway.) It is enough that I wear my hair naturally. That alone provokes attention. And, in a different professional field, may mean the difference between being employed and not.

This has me noticing, again, that black women have far less latitude in terms of personal style than white women, perhaps especially when it comes to what’s on our heads.”
What Tami Said

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